Change Your Hands

There has been a massive increase in people getting Sculptured Nails. The influence that the style on X-Factor has is over people is crazy! So if you would like to give your stubby nails a make over, here is some information about the 2 most people types of sculptured nails.

An application of Sculptured nails is when an extension is put on your own nail  and then a substance is applied over to create strength, length and sculpture to your natural nail.

Acrylic nails are the strongest nail extension you can get. So if you work heavy duty with your hands this is the best option for you .

Gel nails are more like a natural nail and has flexibility in it.

With both types you can get a natural looking nail, permanent french tips or even colour or nail art tips. Sculptured nails no matter if they are gel or acrylic should look natural and should not be thick. A good nail technician knows how to keep the application natural and strong without having to apply to much product. Sculptured nails cover the natural nail so naturally when you remove them the natural nail will be slightly weak.

Sculptured nails do not damage your natural nail. If you try to remove them yourself you will create demand as you will remove layers of the natural nail. Always get them removed professionally.

Choose an experienced nail technican with at least a years experience because over filing will cause damage to your nail. The application should take no longer the 75mins.

Sculptured nails grow with your natural nails so a refill is required every 2-3 weeks if you want to keep them on. Cuticle oil is a most every night to nourish the natural nail underneath.

The result after application is perfect fabulous nail extensions that change the appearence of your hands.

Escape2images nail technican Sandra has now over 11 years experience in both Gel and Acrylic nails. So your hands are safe in hers. Call 8409366 for perfect nails this Christmas